A bold new marketing degree

A bold new marketing degree

A new kind of marketing degree at Indiana Wesleyan University Adult & Graduate Programs is creating quite a bit of excitement. Indiana Wesleyan University responded to a market demand and updated its Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the top down. The result is a bold degree program that is very attractive to both students and employers. This degree prepares students for the challenges in the rapidly evolving marketing industry.

There are a lot of benefits and opportunities that come with the changes to the program. Keep reading for details on this innovative new program and how it works for adult learners.

A new kind of marketing program

This new Bachelor of Science in Marketing is offered in both the online and hybrid modality. Courses are delivered two at a time over eight week periods, and while this may seem like a lot of coursework, the program was designed with the adult student in mind. The courses are holistically designed so the concepts, workload, and assessment requirements compliment each other. This program combines the flexibility of online work with an accelerated format that allows students to finish their core work and one specialization in one year.

After the core is completed, students select a specialization in which to concentrate. Currently students are offered Marketing Analytics, Services and Nonprofit Marketing, Digital Advertising, Promotions and Branding and Social Media. Learners can select which specialization meets their needs and interests. Only one specialization is required for the degree program, but multiple specializations may be combined.

These four specialization areas give students a deeper understanding of marketing concepts that are emerging and in demand. They’re labeled as top opportunities in pay, growth, and need. The specialization areas are listed among Career Cast’s Best Jobs for Millennials. These areas of interest will likely change and evolve over time, and as a result of the program structure, it is possible to add new areas of specialization to curriculum in the future to line up with new demands.

The need

The marketing industry has seen a rapid change in the way customers interact with and are reached by brands. Technology’s impact on marketing has been profound, and companies are finding themselves unable to handle the customer’s expectations. Today’s customers expect personalization, localization and globalization and they expect this information and interaction rapidly. These changes have compounded the need for digital marketing skills within the company that will fulfil customer expectations on a 24/7 basis.

Nowadays, the chance of a person holding a career that does not embrace some aspect of marketing is rare, especially for those in business disciplines. So, adding marketing skills of any form is a plus for a job seeker. Indiana Wesleyan University is addressing this industry need with the new Bachelor of Science in Marketing program from the first class to the last. Students will learn marketing concepts that are relevant to today’s ever changing industry. They will partake in the opportunity to gain knowledge in specialized subjects. Plus, what they learn in class on one night they can put into practice the very next day at work.

Many other universities offer bachelor degrees in marketing, however those programs do not address industry needs quite like IWU. In those programs, the student may take a specific course in one of the digital skills as opposed to enrolling in a specialization. Classes are accelerated and work and life experience is integrated into the curriculum through interactive engagement. This allows students to progress through programs in a timelier pace while drawing on personal experiences as well as those of their cohort members to enhance learning.

The response

Feedback from students in this newly designed program has been positive. Here are some of the things students had to say in end of course comments.

“Great curriculum! Overall, very happy with the course and the subject matter. Easy to follow, and great information! It was the perfect learning platform.”

“The textbook aligned with the modules and course readings. The assignments applied critical thinking as well as current events as it relates to econ.”

“I thought the curriculum was fair, had a balanced workload, and is pertinent to my major and potential future career endeavors.”

“I felt that it had to perfect ratio of discussions, to quizzes, to projects. All the assignments related perfectly to the agenda and the book, which I feel is necessary.”

“I thought the curriculum was fair, had a balanced workload, and is pertinent to my major and potential future career endeavors.”

Classes are forming now for this bold new program format. Click here for to get started on your BSMK today.


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