Continuous Education vs. Traditional Learning Calendars

Continuous Education vs. Traditional Learning Calendars

As children head back to school many are left wondering what happened to time. It used to be that students went back to school for a new year the last week in August. While start dates have changed, not a whole lot else has with the traditional school calendar.

Many higher education institutions are designed with the traditional calendar in mind, but this does not always meet the needs of adult students. The qualities an adult student appreciates in a continuing education program revolve around time; they don’t want to waste it. Traditional school calendars break learning into yearly semesters with breaks in between. The summer break, especially, is often time wasted for an adult student because it consists of weeks in which they could be in class working toward a degree.

The IWU Way

Indiana Wesleyan University Adult and Graduate Programs are different because an emphasis is put on saving time and making learning more efficient for students. Students typically take classes one at a time, which means they can focus on learning and mastering one subject at a time. Each course lasts five to eight weeks and when it is over students move on to the next. Small breaks are scheduled for adult students around holidays and to allow vacations, but there are no long summer breaks or winter recesses so students can spend more time learning and working toward achieving their degree.

The curriculum organization allows students to maximize the value of their time spent in class and studying. Students build upon what they learn in classes and are able to apply it to the work they are doing in their careers immediately. Lessons learned in class one night can be used on the job the very next day.

The continuous school calendar also means students may be able to finish their degrees in less time. Fewer breaks mean more time learning.

Online programs

IWU extends this type of convenience in its programs as well. The newly developed MBA Your Way gives students a choice about where and how they attend class. The program offers students the option of deciding whether to attend class onsite or online each week. This means students can switch between physical learning environments as often as needed to work with their schedule and lifestyle.

IWU also offers many programs that are exclusively online. Online students see many benefits,.They can decide when they will complete their class time and study time, whether that is at a set time of the day and week or whenever it fits best into their schedules. They do not have to devote a certain chunk of time on a set day of the week to be away from work and families.
The continuous school calendar offers many advantages to the adult student. Its structure streamlines education and allows students to focus on what is really important to them. They’re able to achieve their goals without having to drastically reorganize their lives and priorities. See how an IWU Adult and Graduate Programs can fit into your life.


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