How to Use Learning Studio

How to Use Learning Studio

Many incoming Indiana Wesleyan University Adult & Graduate students wonder what Learning Studio is and how it works. Learning Studio is the learning management system used by IWU for both online and classroom based programs. It helps students track and manage their program requirements.

Learning Studio allows students to access their assignments, grades, discussions, and other tools from one location. It’s user interface strives to be intuitive, and below you’ll find some helpful resources for navigating the page.

Familiarize yourself

First, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the platform before beginning your class. You’ll want to hit the ground running by knowing how to access your course syllabus, readings and discussions before you are required to complete them. Learning Studio is available to students one week before their first class starts.

Once you’ve logged into your account you will see general information and important announcements. To find a class, simply navigate to the “My classes” tab on the left hand side of your screen. Your course dashboard screen is divided into a number of sections, including announcements, discussions, chat, assignments, and activity.

The following video will help you orient yourself with the platform.

Discussion forums

Participation in discussion forums is required for many programs. In these programs, students have to respond to a topic and reply to two classmate postings each week.

Find the discussion section on the right hand side of your course dashboard. From there you can click to respond, fill out the text box, preview your work, and then post.

To respond to the comments of others, click to comment and then “expand all.” Then click the respond link to write your remark and then post.


Learning Studio is a cloud based provider and it works in conjunction with Dropbox to securely save your documents. This is how you will submit your papers and other written assignments.

Dropbox is integrated into the Learning Studio platform, so you never have to exit the screen to take advantage of this function. Select “Dropbox” from the menu bar across the top of the page and then click on the submit assignment button. Make sure you select the assignment you will be submitting (from the drop down next to the word “basket”). Then enter a comment if you desire and attach your assignment.

The following video details the process.


Some classes may require students to complete journal entries to track learning outcomes and reflections. By clicking on the journal tab across the top menu bar you will be able to title, write, and then select who the post will be visible to.

See more detailed instructions in the link below.


Grades are important in a student’s life, and Gradebook allows you to check progress right in Learning Studio. By clicking on the Gradebook tab across the top menu bar you will be taken to a page that summarizes all of the assignments in the course, how much they are worth, and the grades earned for each. You can view instructor comments, if there are any, by clicking on a quiz or test score.
There are many other tools and tutorials available on Learning Studio from Indiana Wesleyan University. You can find a list of topics including Tests and Quizzes, Live Chat, Email Tool, and more. An effective way to learn how to use Learning Studio is to get in there and try things out. Schedule out some time so you can practice navigating the functions and tools.

Learning Studio is a learning management system that is focused on helping students achieve results. The platform combines all points of learning and performance measurement so students are able to stay on track with their education goals.


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