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How to type faster

Improving your typing speed is a life hack that can help adult students save time and stress. The speed of your typing can make the difference between an afternoon study break on the patio enjoying the summer weather and one spent indoors hunched over a keyboard plucking away.

Functional Computer Shortcuts

It is vital for students in adult and graduate degree programs to understand how to use computers. They're needed to complete many classroom assignments as well as to write papers and research information.

This video guide to function keys and computer shortcuts will help you feel more comfortable with the computer you are working on and in turn help you confidently complete your assignments.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an MBA

A Master’s degree can be a career-launching vehicle that leads one to actualize their professional goals. Unlike most degree options, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) has broad appeal along with a variety of concentrations that lead to tangible, in-demand careers. An MBA is a meaningful accomplishment that provides a range of flexible employment options that facilitate professional growth and diverse career opportunities.

Quote from the guide:
"An MBA can truly be for anyone who is interested in having a variety of employment options, the ability to advance professionally, and a gateway to a higher income."

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