Responsive to the needs of the community

Responsive to the needs of the community

Columbus, Ohio is a very competitive education market. A number of institutions are vying to help you earn your next degree. So, how does an education institution set itself apart from the rest? Indiana Wesleyan University-Columbus is doing so by making itself responsive to the needs of the community.

There are numerous offerings through IWU-Columbus. The Hilliard Education Center (just off I-270) offers degree programs at the Associates, Bachelors, and Masters levels. The education center also provides meeting space for businesses to hold conferences, seminars, and recurring meetings. Additionally, IWU-Columbus is working to make sure it is meeting developing education and training needs in the community.

HR Roundtables

IWU-Columbus engages Human Resources professionals in quarterly roundtable sessions, held at the Hilliard Education Center. These lunchtime meetings are by invite only and give companies a chance to talk about their education needs and training gaps. This HR Roundtable gives business leaders time to talk about what they need from a university and what they would like to see developed in the future.

IWU does more than just listen in these sessions. The information gleaned from the HR Roundtables is shared with IWU’s DeVoe School of Business curriculum developers. This Industry knowledge from the field helps advise decisions as curriculum is developed for future degree programs and professional development training.

Employee training opportunities

Representatives from IWU-Columbus also meet with influencers from local industries and share how IWU can help with training gaps. If there are areas where employees need to develop new competencies, IWU-Columbus can create packages of professional development coursework workshops that match these needs. Once a professional development contract is established, IWU instructors can teach this information to the employees in the form which works best for the company, whether online, onsite or a combination of the two. Not only does the company get customized training, but the partnership also gives Indiana Wesleyan University an opportunity to showcase its academic rigor to a wider audience.

"It’s an on the spot solution for a real training need that businesses have, so we find it is a great way for IWU to come in and just share a little bit about the caliber of our program and flexibility and delivery and that opens the door for students."

Wendy McWherter

Workshops with groups

IWU also works with groups and organizations in Columbus to provide adult learner workshops. These workshops cover a range of topics, including choosing a degree program, success tips for adult learners, and college affordability. These free workshops allow organizations to instruct their members on best practices for achieving higher education success. These workshops give Indiana Wesleyan University the opportunity to serve adult learners throughout the Columbus community.

Faith in education

IWU-Columbus also sets itself apart from other universities in the greater Columbus region through its Christian-worldview approach to instruction. IWU provides a biblical foundation to educating adult students. Courses are accelerated, which means onsite classes are held just one night a week. The subject matter is taught from an ethical standpoint with an emphasis on practical application. This philosophy creates well-rounded graduates who are able to more effectively handle workplace situations.
Wendy McWherter, a Corporate Representative for Indiana Wesleyan University, says, “IWU’s goal is to prepare leaders in scholarship, leadership, and character. And the Columbus business community wants people prepared to lead well and with an ethical basis. As a university, we’re proud to share that we are Christ centered and we teach with these values in mind, to create leaders for tomorrow.”

"IWU’s goal is to prepare leaders in scholarship and character. And this community wants people prepared to lead well and with an ethical basis. As a university we’re proud to share that we are Christ centered and we teach with these values in mind, to create leaders for tomorrow.“

Wendy McWherter

Many Indiana Wesleyan University Adult & Graduate students have commented about how much they enjoyed the faith aspect of their education. Some grads found themselves surprised by the supportive environment, while others sought out this type of community.
The Columbus, Ohio campus is just one of IWU’s 16 regional campuses located throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Many degree programs are offered onsite in these locations. All programs are also offered online, making an IWU education even more convenient.

To contact IWU-Columbus about any of the initiatives described in this article please reach out to Wendy McWherter, or 740-513-7055. Click here for more on how an IWU degree can fit into your life and help your career.


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