Time saving registration

Time saving registration

Enrolling in school is a big deal, and many fear it will take up a lot of time and energy. However, this is not the case at Indiana Wesleyan University Adult and Graduate Programs. At IWU, simplicity is an enrollment goal; we want the process to be straightforward and stress free.

There are a number of enrollment areas that are especially beneficial for adult students because they combine timesaving measures with ease.


The registration process at IWU Adult & Grad is different. Traditionally, students in degree programs have to sign up for classes every semester until their program is done. This means taking time out of a busy schedule to sit down and decide which courses to take. It can become a game, trying to match the courses needed with the courses available at the time. Then there is the fear that the last course you need will not be available and you’ll have to put off your graduation date.

At IWU you only have to register once. That process is completed during enrollment before you begin your classes. Plus, your entire schedule from start to finish is laid out before you begin, so there are no scheduling decisions on your part. You can look ahead and know all of the classes you will have to take.

The cohort

During the enrollment process you are assigned a cohort, and that cohort serves many purposes. You will progress through your program with the students in that cohort using them as study buddies, question boards, anxiety relievers, and more. They will be there from day one and many will be there with you at the end, depending on your path to graduation.

Courses meet just one night a week (or the equivalent for online programs), and your cohort will meet on the same night of the week for the entirety of your program. You don’t have to worry about changing your schedule to accommodate your classes every time you start a new one.


The textbook delivery process is designed to be easy, and to give you a choice. Materials for your first class will be delivered to your home before the start of the class. From there, students have the choice of continuing to have physical books delivered to their homes or to receive e-books, where available. The cost for books are included in the amount charged for each course, so there’s no upfront cost associated with purchasing books.

Student advisor

Every student is assigned an advisor who guides students through the academic process. Advisors help students acclimate to college and give them the resources they need to help them succeed. Your advisor knows your program, your instructors, and the material you are learning; they are in a great position to help you with any trouble you run into.
The enrollment process at IWU Adult and Grad is designed for the busy life of adult students. It simplifies the steps so going back to school feels like less of a process. This convenient approach allows students to focus on the things that are most important, living their lives and continuing their education.


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