You’re in Control: MBA Your Way

You’re in Control: MBA Your Way

The newest way to earn your MBA puts you in the driver’s seat of your education. MBA Your Way from Indiana Wesleyan University is exactly as it sounds, it is a degree program delivered your way, functioning around your busy schedule and allowing students to determine what learning time looks like.

How it works

This is a hybrid model that puts the student in control. MBA Your Way lets the learner decide what class time looks like on a weekly basis by making class time more flexible. Each person in the program can decide whether they want to attend class onsite or online as courses progress. This type of flexibility is in demand in adult education.

There are various reasons a student might want to switch a class location. The student may have a schedule conflict with one or several of the class dates. The student may need help or have questions that are better answered by the professor in person. Or, the learner may want to meet the professor on the first night of class.

Additionally, this modality works well for students who are unsure about online learning. Often students are interested in online programs but aren’t sure if their learning style is a good match. There are certain aptitudes and characteristics that allow people to thrive in this environment, however the only sure way to know how well you will perform is to try it out. Giving students the option to decide to switch their learning delivery offers this trial in a risk free environment.


A number of student cohorts have already begun their MBA Your Way programs, and the results are very encouraging. In one group, six of the 19 students attended class all onsite, while four attended all online. That means, nine people took advantage of the flexibility of the program, deciding on a weekly basis whether going to class in person or online would benefit them the most. The second group of students had similar results.

Kristen Maurer, Enrollment Manager for IWU’s Merrillville campus says, “I believe students have responded well because adults want to make their own schedule choices and this program allows for that. We are launching our first cohort in Merrillville this summer and students who are registered for the course are very excited about the opportunity.”

“I believe students have responded well because adults want to make their own schedule choices and this program allows for that.”

- Kristen Maurer

IWU Adult and Graduate Programs are designed with the adult student in mind. They are accelerated with class time (or the online equivalent) of once a week. Each course lasts five to eight weeks and then the student is on to the next subject. This accelerated schedule allows some students to complete their degree programs in less time.

MBA Your Way adds even more flexibility to your IWU education. Adult learners are busy and MBA programs can be demanding; this program aims to make this process simpler and put the student in charge of their education.
The MBA Your Way program is not available at all campus locations. Find out if the opportunity is available at your nearest learning center.


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